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About Pivot2Change:

Julian is a national speaker and an Executive life/business coach, who has empowered thousands of people to improve their lifestyles by raising the awareness on how to pivot subconscious stories that inhibit change. 

As the owner of Pivot-2-Change, LLC, he is a licensed behavioral coach and N.L.P practitioner infusing Neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and street-smart techniques to improve individual performance. He continues to guide individuals towards a better future through his life-transforming seminars, personal coaching, and consulting. 

With over 20 years in the mortgage and consumer perception industry, he combines market trends, marketing tactics that impact the subconscious behaviors to help teams break from the norm and stand out. He is a Neuro-Coach for several well-known influencers of today but choose to stay relatively unheard of on purpose. 

Julian’s background ranges from Hollywood, CA as a teen idol/celebrity, to becoming a Talent Agent, manager for people such as Jennifer Lopez, Tone Loc, working with Prince, Madonna, and several others to becoming a celebrity kickboxing instructor working with Sugar Ray, Linda Hamilton to a consultant for Donny Deutsch and Raytheon. Personally, mentored by visionaries such as Jim Rohn, and Dan Sullivan, Julian has taken his real-life experience and applied it to his amazing philosophy around brand, business, and mindset trademarked NeuroWhyology 

Julian’s academic career has spanned 30+ years, and he’s done work on poverty and psychology for UCLA, Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (MABS) from The Master’s University in southern California, and is an on-going student of Dr. Joe Despenza Progressive Workshops on neuroscience. He is also an alumnus of the Executive Coaching University and a member of the American Hypnosis Association. Julian holds certifications with Sinn Delaney, Center for Business Solutions, and Situational Leadership through the Ken Blanchard Companies.


Julian Sado
Author | Speaker | Coach | Consultant 
Pivot-2-Change, LLC. 
Transformation Through Thoughts! 
Phone: 214-945-9700 
Email: jsado@pivot2change.com 

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