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About Bee Connected Now:

Bee Connected Now was founded with one mission in mind – to make a difference in the areas we serve. We give financially to local non-profits and charities while connecting customers to local resources and community engagement opportunities.

We connect utilities and various service providers with residential customers who are looking for a fast, friendly and free service to make it easy for them move into their new home. We handle everything! Our client care coordinator researches the options available for the customer’s new address. They don’t have to shop around, we do it for them. We also guarantee a community connection to these customers by providing information on local resources, non-profits, and local charities.

At BeeConnected Now, we go the extra mile to connect customers to the community by bringing the community to us. Our staff is comprised of real people from the community who are either in need of a hand up or share the same passion for truly making a difference in the lives of others. We believe in social responsibility. That’s our philosophy.

Bee Connected Now


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